Netanyahu: "Rock Solid Evidence" Against Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined “Fox News Sunday” to press the case against Iran and Hezbollah, and argue that recent events illustrate the danger the world faces should Tehran be allowed to develop or possess nuclear or chemical weapons.

Five Israeli tourists died this week in Bulgaria, an attack the prime minster says was carried out by Hezbollah, a terror organization that gets support and direction from Iran.

Netanyahu says he has “rock solid evidence” tying Iran to this attack, but more than that, he accused Iran and Hezbollah of orchestrating similar plots, some of them successful, in 24 countries across five continents over the past two years.

“These attacks tell you what kind of people we are dealing with, imagine these people possessing nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu wouldn’t be drawn into a discussion about the 2012 presidential elections in the US, but he did discuss the importance of seeing progress made in halting the development of Iran’s nuclear program.

The prime minister said the talks between the p5+1 and Iran have not stopped the regime “a bit.”

“The jury is out on all of this, the real question is results on the ground,” Netanyahu said about the current strategy in dealing with Iran.