WH Counterterrorism Adviser on Possible Terrorist Strike

President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser John Brennan joined “Fox News Sunday” to discuss a recent alert about terrorists possibly striking the US on or around this week’s anniversary of the killing of Usama Bin Laden.

On the possibility of a terrorist attack, Brennan said, “there is no credible reporting right now that there is an active plot under way… But the counterterrorism community is used to making sure that we are as vigilant as possible to guard against any efforts on the part of al Qaeda or other terrorist groups to mark such a day.”

This week it was reported that the Obama Administration granted greater leeway for the use of drone strikes in the ongoing effort to eliminate terrorists. Brennan praised their capability by saying, “tremendously capable tool to use against the terrorist abroad.”

He went on to defend their use, “When we're doing this, we are doing it in full consent and cooperation with our partners internationally. This is something that the president has told us we need to work closely with these partners. And so, in Yemen in particular, these groups, and al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in particular, are determined to kill Americans.”

Brennan was also asked about the recent escape of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, who was under house arrest. Some believe that Guangcheng may try to seek asylum at the US embassy in China.

This could lead to a complication between the two countries in advance of a significant visit to Beijing by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner for strategic and economic talks this coming week.

Brennan would not address the issue other than to say that President Obama, "will do whatever he thinks is in the best interests of the United States as well as the individuals involved."