This week on Fox News Sunday: (3/25/12)

A blueprint for how Republicans would run the country is released and the Obama Administration goes on the attack. We’ll hear from both sides when Chris Wallace sits down with Senior Adviser to President Obama, David Plouffe, and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan.

Segment 1: David Plouffe, Senior Adviser to the President

Segment 2: Rep. Paul Ryan, (R) Wisconsin / Chairman, Budget Committee

Plus Our Sunday Panel:

Brit Hume – Fox News Senior Political Analyst

Kirsten Powers – The Daily Beast & Fox News

Paul Gigot – The Wall Street Journal / FNC’s “Journal Editorial Report”

Juan Williams – Fox News Political Analyst

And, the 2012 Republican presidential race begins to solidify, but then gets “shaken up.” We’ll bring you the sights and sounds, when he head back out “On The Trail.”