This Week on Fox News Sunday: (8/9/09)

Violent attacks ramp up as Afghanistan prepares for an important national election and US Forces score a major victory by taking out the Talibans top leader. One of President Obamas first acts as Commander in Chief was to send additional troops into Afghanistan to more effectively fight elements of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. So has the new strategy proven to be a success? The answer remains to be seen, but by most indications a new report from the top US Commander in Afghanistan will call for even more troops on the ground. Well get a status report on the future US involvement in Afghanistan when Chris Wallace is joined by President Obamas National Security Adviser. Segment 1 Guest: Gen. Jim Jones, National Security Adviser Health Care Reform remains stalled in the Senate, as the Senate Finance Committee tries to find a compromise for the members of both parties. Well get the latest on the health care debate, discuss what members can expect when they return home for their August recess, and look ahead to some of the big issues the Senate will look to tackle this fall. Chris sits down with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, only on Fox News Sunday. Segment 2 Guest:Sen. Mitch McConnell, (R) Kentucky / Senate Minority Leader Plus our panel: Paul Gigot Wall Street Journal & Fox News Mara Liasson National Public Radio & Fox News Stephen Hayes Weekly Standard & Fox News Ceci Connolly The Washington Post And a Classic Power Player does everything she can to help the USs wounded warriors. Classic Power Player: Maj. Gen. Carla Hawley-Bowland, Commander, Walter Reed Army Medical Center {VignetteVideo assettitl="This+Week+on+Fox+News+Sunday+8-9-09" id="3EA43B8C2529CE95BC142AE30F7AE21B" aspectratio="1.77" autoplay="off" width="375" height="211" }