• Green Tyranny with John Stossel

    By John Stossel

    Sunday, June 14 at 9 p.m. ET

    You can love nature but still hate the tyranny the green movement now imposes.

    Environmentalists collude with the EPA to block economic progress (ie: Pebble Mine in Alaska and Keystone).

    Hollywood and the media push green propaganda. Kids fear global warming will kill them.

    The globe, in fact, is warming. But so what? Climate changes! America can adjust to that. But academics who dare say that are shunned as heretics.

    Americans are told that fossil fuels -- coal, oil, and gas -- are evil. But much of civilization owes its existence to fossil fuels.

    The film "Blackfish," run often on CNN, says SeaWorld cruelly imprisons Killer whales. "Green tyrants" say: "Free the whales!" SeaWorld wouldn't speak to "Blackfish," but they did speak to us. We'll tell the truth.

Green Tyranny with John Stossel

By John Stossel