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Will You Get Longer, Darker Lashes with Latisse?


 (Alyce’ Piazzolla)

Long, luscious lashes. We all want them and are willing to go to all sorts of lengths to get them. Mascaras, false lashes, extensions — I’ve tried it all, but I wanted my lashes not to just appear longer, but to actually BE longer.

During a trip to my dermatologist's office, I spotted a Latisse® display. The receptionist explained that it was a topical prescription treatment to grow longer, fuller, darker eyelashes. She raved about the results: “I use it and love it! Look at how long my lashes are!”

The possible side effects listed by the makers include the possibility that it could change your eye color (permanently) and that it may cause darkening of the eyelids (temporarily). Despite my nervousness about that, I decided to take the plunge and signed a waiver stating that I was aware of the possible side effects.  I paid $100 for a 60 day supply (1 box) and left with my Latisse® in hand ready to start my journey to longer lashes!

As soon as I got home, I tore into the box.  It came with 140 applicator wands and a 5ml dropper of solution. The applicators look like tiny paint brushes with soft black bristles at the top. Every night after I had washed all of my makeup off, I would apply the Latisse® on my upper lashes only. I opened one pack of the applicators and put two drops on each brush tip. I would then run the applicator where my eyelashes met the eyelid skin — one brush for each eye.

I did this religiously every night for months. After the initial four weeks, I noticed that my eyelashes started to look longer. Within eight weeks, they were longer and thicker which made them look darker. I kept wearing my mascara just because I didn’t think bare lashes were enough for me (what can I say — I’m a little high maintenance!).

Within six months of using Latisse® my eyelashes were so long, if I wore mascara I wasn’t able to wear my glasses as the lashes would hit the lens and make them uncomfortable.  Everywhere I went, someone would tell me how long my eye lashes were. People were noticing! 

It’s been over seven months and I really love the results! I haven't experienced any irritations or any side effects. My eye color and eyelid skin did not vary from their natural brown/olive tones.  I did take about a month off to see what would happen if I stopped using it.

Latisse® is NOT permanent. Within two months of no use, your eyelashes will return to their original length. They don’t just all fall off overnight, but instead wither with their natural shedding cycle (Yes you lashes shed!). 

As my lashes returned to their original thickness and length, I decided to go back to Latisse® — and the rest, as they say, is history.

Currently I use it every other day. I have recommended this to many people but I do warn everyone that it takes quite a bit of cash! Anywhere from $100 - $150 per box certainly isn't cheap, but if you are willing to splurge you will not be disappointed by the results!