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We Tried It: Making The Perfect Bun


We admire the “big bun” when we see celebs wearing it on the red carpet, but it’s a look many of us leave to the A-listers.

When we came across Conair’s Bun Maker, a beauty tool that claims to give you hair volume and "make a perfect bun," we were skeptical and never tried it — until now.

We borrowed the $4 Bun Maker from a coworker and were pleasantly surprised with our success.

The Bun Maker comes with three tools to make a big bun: an elastic band, a doughnut-shaped bun maker, and bobby pins. You simply secure your hair in a pony tail, pull it through the bun maker, spread it over in a circular motion and secure it with bobby pins. The bun took me less than two minutes to assemble.  

The result? An impressive big bun — very high-fashion-esque.

The look was so easy to achieve that I thought my hair must be an exception, so we had a few other co-workers try it.

Our “At Home” editor  Kristin Lehrer has very fine hair. We weren't sure there would be enough  hair to cover the bun maker. Not only did her hair completely cover it, but it gave her unforeseen volume and depth. “I was surprised how full it made my hair look,” she said. “Not to mention, it was quick and easy to style.”

Unfortunately, not everyone experienced the same results. One tester who describes her hair as “long and heavy” says the big bun couldn’t support the weight of her hair. “I had a hard time getting my hair to spread evenly over the mesh,” she said. “There were too many pieces sticking out and it looked messy rather than sleek. Maybe if I had used more bobby pins I would have had better luck.”

Despite her let down, we say if you want the look, try it. At $4, it’s worth the risk.