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Does He Hate Your Makeup?


Stressed because your smoky eye looks less rockin' and more raccoon? Before you spend hours trying to perfect this trendy style, consider this: Men hate it (or at least some of them do).

It's nearly impossible to figure out what men like, so we boldly asked them flat-out. Here's a list of trends that turn men on, and some that put them off … in their own words.

Trend: BangsHe says: "They were awesome on my seventh grade crush in 1994, but not so much in 2012."We say: It depends on how severe the bangs are. We'll concede that some of the extreme forehead blankets we've seen on the red carpet are unacceptable; however, a long side-swept look can be simply gorgeous.

Trend: Dark LipstickHe says: "Way too goth."We say: When in doubt, a mauve shade looks good on everyone.

Trend: GlassesHe says: "The more librarian-looking, the better."We say: We couldn't agree more. It's time to embrace geek-chic and show little girls everywhere that sometimes, four eyes are actually better than two.

Trend: Red LipsHe says: "Bright red lipstick looks cheap and cartoonish, not sexy."We say: A shade close to your own natural lip color will always look classy, but a bold red lip can be quite elegant and sexy if applied correctly on moisturized lips. Nothing looks worse on dry, chapped lips than a cracking red pout.

Trend: Smoky EyeHe says: "Too much eye shadow makes people look like a clown or a cat."We say: This is a trend that — when applied correctly — can be very seductive for a formal affair. Skip the heavy eye shadow at brunch.

Trend: False EyelashesHe says: "Fake anything is bad, especially when you can tell."We say: We tend to agree on the fake eyelash front, with one exception: If you're being photographed for an event, a medium-length eyelash enhancement can really make your eyes pop. However, there is nothing worse than catching someone with a rogue lash on their face. (Remember Britney Spears' interview with Matt Lauer? We shudder to think of it.)

Trend: Tattoos/PiercingsHe says: "A little ink is fine, but avoid piercings. File that under: 'likes the dragon tattoo, but not the girl.'"We say: Do what you will, but keep in mind that piercings leave holes, and tattoo removal is painful, expensive and leaves a mark. So think carefully before getting inked, or you could end up with "Wino Forever" on your body … forever. And please, please, please don't go for the dreaded tramp stamp. Neither sex associates "tramp" with anything good.

Trend: PerfumeHe says: "I hate heavy perfume. I don't want to smell you before I see you."We say: We have all gotten in a elevator and literally tasted someone else's perfume; we didn't like it, either. Stick to light, fresh scents and do not apply directly to your body. Instead, spray your scent into the air and walk through the mist.

One last and final thing that one smart man said: "I like girls with brains and common sense." In our opinion, those are the most sexy and beautiful things a woman can show off.