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Celebrity Secrets Revealed: Hair Extensions

A-list stylist Ryan Nickulas on how to get Hollywood hair.


Ever wonder how Kim Kardashian gets such long, luscious locks? It's not just her unearthly genes. In fact, there's a secret in Hollywood that celebs won't talk about, and it's even more coveted than Botox.

Hair extensions have become the go-to on the red carpet for creating full, voluminous styles, and for making an amazingly complicated up-do possible. But they're not just for red carpet events — from clip-in to semi-permanent, extensions are being used to fake bangs, grow out a bad haircut, or just add oomph to everyday limp locks.

As part of our series, we enlisted the help of celebrity stylist, Ryan Nickulas, to transform one everyday woman into an A-lister. Nickulas, a self-proclaimed extension guru, has worked on everyone from Pamela Anderson to Kat Deluna, and is flown around the world to style celebs for red carpet events. Some of his clients pay upwards of $75,000 a year on their hair alone!

So what does it take to go from drab to fab? About $5,500 worth of human hair extensions and styling services.

Ryan began his transformation by applying semi-permanent Platinum Seamless extensions. While there are an array of extensions out there, Nickulas opts for the Platinum Seamless brand because he says that, unlike keratin-bonded extensions which can take hours to apply, seamless extensions are applied in strips using an adhesive method that allows an entire head to be done in about an hour — a crucial factor for celeb styling, as a star's time is worth a LOT of money. After applying the extensions, Nickulas cut and shaped the hair, and created volume using a curling iron.

Check out the video above to find out how you can get A-list hair for a fraction of the price with clip-on extensions. Don't forget to check out our segment to see the entire transformation.