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5 Rules for Gym Etiquette


Just like dining out or shopping, there's a certain etiquette that comes with working out at the gym. From baring it all in the locker room to getting off the cardio machine in a timely manner, certified personal trainer Gloria Vitolo of Plus One Health Management gave Fox News Magazine her five rules for gym etiquette.  

Rule #1: Don't leave a sweat puddle on the machine after you've used it!

Please grab a towel and wipe your sweat and/or other bodily fluids off the machine. It might just ruin the next member's gym experience if he or she presses the "Quick Start" button on the treadmill and ends up with your DNA all over their hands. It only takes a minute to wipe down the machine.

Rule #2: Do not spit in the water fountain!

Not only is this deplorable gym etiquette, but it is a perfect way to spread any virus or bacteria you may be harboring. Gross!

Rule #3: Follow appropriate locker room etiquette!

I understand some people are more comfortable with their naked selves than others, but particularly in corporate fitness facilities where the person using the locker next to yours might be your boss or co-worker, please try to cover up at some point between the shower and the finishing touches on your hair spray. I've found that people will do all kinds of activities "in the raw" that could and often should be done with at least minimal towel coverage.

Rule #4: Don't talk loudly on your cell phone while on the equipment!

If you need to have an extended conversation with your mother, sister, partner, etc., please remove yourself from the gym floor.

Rule #5: Don't hog the equipment!

You shouldn't spend more than 30 minutes on each machine, especially when the gym is crowded at peak times. Allow other people to work in sets. For example, if you are on the bench press and need to rest between sets, you should let someone lift while you rest.