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  • Maintenance

    How to let go of unwanted books and magazines

    For many of us, books and other printed materials have a way of accumulating over the years and taking over our homes. But let’s face it, if you are downsizing to a smaller home, you may not have enough space for all these publications. Here’s how to downsize your reading materials in ...

  • Outdoor Living

    You may never have to buy these plants again

    “New plants from old” might be one of the rallying cries of gardeners everywhere. These 10 plants are all fairly easy to propagate, giving you the chance to fill your garden or home with more of your favorites, or provide plants as gifts to friends and neighbors.

  • Interior Decorating

    11 ways to make impact with color in a room

    Often, adding color is one of the things homeowners are most afraid to tackle in their space. After all, it can be easy to love a paint chip or fabric sample in a store only to realize it’s overwhelming or yawn-inducing when applied in real life. But color can be fun and easy to add in just ...

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