4-year-old with cerebral palsy takes first steps after stranger's donation



Because of his cerebral palsy, Luis Tamarez, 4, has only been able to use a wheelchair or crawl to get around. After a stranger’s generous donation, the New Jersey boy walked for the first time using a special harness.

Staff at his school, North Main Street Elementary School in Pleasantville, learned about the device— which consists of a vest, harness and connected sandals to allow the child to “walk” while attached to an adult supporting and guiding his movements— but the $500 cost was prohibitive, WTXF reported.

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Then, one of the school’s substitute teachers, Yorel Brown, happened to share Tamarez’s story with a passenger while driving for Uber.

“I learned about this device and the teachers were talking about doing a fundraiser,” Brown told WTXF.

That passenger, Jim Burke, stepped up and told Browne he’d buy the pre-K student the device.

"It was the right thing to do," Burke, owner of a local heating, ventilation and air conditioning company told WTXF. “The truth is, he changed [my life]. I gave $500 and got a million dollar smile.”

After receiving the device, Tamarez took his first steps in front of his classmates and teachers.

“I was happy!” Tamarez told WTXF.