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Starbucks rolls out kale smoothies, Greek yogurt parfaits

Starbucks now has three new smoothies on the menu.

Starbucks now has three new smoothies on the menu.  (Starbucks)

Yesterday, Starbucks announced it will begin selling several fresh new items as part of its partnership with Dannon including customizable smoothies, Greek yogurt parfaits, and ready-to-eat yogurt that will be sold in grocery stores.

Starbucks customers visiting any of the 4,300 plus storefronts can now order an Evolution Fresh Smoothie in one of three flavors: strawberry, mango carrot, and sweet greens-- a veggie-based option with greens and fruits. Like Jamba Juice drinks, the new beverages can be customized with other add-ins like protein powder, more fruit and everyone’s favorite leafy green-- kale.

"They are free from artificial sweeteners or fillers, just a unique, wholesome, snack or beverage," Jeff Hansberry, president of Evolution Fresh stated in a press release. "We’ve been testing in select stores since last year and our partners [Starbucks code for 'employees'] have shared extremely positive feedback."

In early May, Starbucks will offer Evolution Fresh Greek yogurt parfaits in about half of the coffee chain’s American locations. Starbucks’ new yogurt will include three yogurt cultures, versus the traditional two, according to vice president of marketing for Dannon Jeffrey Rothman. It will be the “mildest, creamiest” yogurt made by the dairy giant.

This summer, Starbucks-branded Dannon yogurt will start appearing in grocery stores around the country, reports Reuters. The fruit-on-the-bottom cups will be going up against heavy hitters in the booming Greek yogurt space like Fage and Chobani.

Starbucks new smoothies will retail at $5.95 for a 16-ounce size.