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Not everyone lovin' McDonald’s 'signs' ad

Tracy Byrnes and Liz MacDonald discuss new McDonald's commercial, plus White House plans for anti-extremism summit and Sen. Warren's surprising net worth


If you were watching a major television event last night, chances are you caught a glimpse of McDonald’s newest commercial.

The burger chain has been struggling to attract millennials recently, but its latest effort attempts to tug at the heartstrings of viewers of all ages.

“Signs” features a montage of McDonald’s marquees posted with messages from around the country that celebrate America’s heroes and average do-gooders--set to a version "Carry On" by the group Fun sung by a children’s chorus. Everyone from military veterans to breast cancer survivors are represented, as well as major events like the Sept. 11 terror attack and the Boston bombing.

As the images fade in and out, the commercial, which now has almost 300,000 views on YouTube, aims to illicit remembrance, happy feelings (one sign congratulates a couple’s 30th anniversary) or feelings of solidarity. 

Joel Yashinsky, McDonald's U.S. VP of marketing says the ad tells "the story of McDonald's that it plays a role in the communities we serve," and that it has "Lovin'" as its mantra.

Yet, reaction on social media to the spot has been mixed. Some were moved by the fast food chain's display of solidarity. 

But many displayed disapproval.

Others were downright incensed at the chain's attempt to be more human.

Did you catch the spot? See the full commercial below and let us know what you think.