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Life size chocolate skulls make for some seriously spooky snacking

  • Yes, it's really chocolate.

    Yes, it's really chocolate.  (Etsy/Black Chocolate Co.)

  • Too creepy to try?

    Too creepy to try?  (Etsy/Black Chocolate Co.)

For those whose love of sweets knows no bounds, an anatomically correct skull made entirely from premium chocolate might fit the bill.

Black Chocolate Co., a U.K.-based chocolatier, is offering this creepy treat for people who can’t decide if they’re a chocoholic, have cannibal-like tendencies or want to practice their Hamlet. Why not all?

According to the Etsy page, each chocolate skull is hand cast from a mold that was taken from a real human skull. It is available in four flavors-- dark chocolate, chili chocolate, caramel chocolate, and milk chocolate. And don’t worry about biting into bone. These pieces each contain almost three and a half pounds of 100 percnt Belgian chocolate.

All skulls are made to order, so the company needs at least a week to process your skull. Currently Black Chocolate Co. is only offering chocolate skulls but we wouldn’t be surprised if other edible body parts started making an appearance.  

Alas poor Yorick, each skull is about $118, but they do make for an unforgettable gag gift.