Cara Delevingne gets candid on her sexuality

Supermodel Cara Delevingne comes from a prominent British family — her grandmother was a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. But despite her proper background, the 24-year-old isn’t shy to admit her attraction to both men and women.

“A lot of the friends I have who are straight have such an old way of thinking,” she told Glamour Magazine. “It’s ‘So you’re just gay, right?’ [They] don’t understand it. [If] I’m like, ‘Oh, I really like this guy,’ [they’re like], ‘But you’re gay.’ I’m like, ‘No, you’re so annoying!’… Someone is in a relationship with a girl one minute, or a boy is in a relationship with a boy, I don’t want them to be pigeonholed. Imagine if I got married to a man. Would people be like — ‘She lied to us!’ It’s like, no.”

Delevingne first discussed her bisexuality at age 22 and soon dated musician Annie Clark for a year and a half. In a rap battle with James Corden and Dave Franco, she joked, ‘I’ve hooked up with hotter girls than both of you combined.” But with over 40 million followers on Instagram, Delevingne is aware she has plenty of younger fans who look up to her.

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“I know 13-and-15-year-old girls who are like, ‘I don’t know if I like a boy or a girl yet. I haven’t decided,’” she said. “And it’s like — [imagine] if I was able to comprehend [that at their age]. I am very happy how sexuality has become easier and freer to talk about, especially for kids.”

It’s also helped Delevingne to pursue acting. She credited her newest career move to helping her stay true to herself off-camera. She’s currently gearing up to premiere “Valerian” in July and “Life in a Year” in 2018.

“I always say, modeling is something I do, whereas acting feels more like what I [am],” she added. “I have felt better than I felt in years, and that’s purely from doing what I love. Especially, because, while I’ve been doing this film [‘Life in a Year’], I’ve been sober. Being completely clean and clearheaded has been so helpful with getting into character.”