'Deadliest Catch' recap: Icy pot slams into Keith Colburn's crewman as dangerous storm causes havoc

The winter season almost became deadly for a deck hand on Discovery Channel’s "Deadliest Catch."

On Tuesday night’s episode, Captain Keith Colburn's crewman Roger Schlosstein was injured.

Colburn had to guide his boat through the first big Arctic storm of the season while daunting waves rocked The Wizard. 

The tide ripped a line loose, jeopardizing Schlosstein's safety as his hand was caught between the side of the boat and a crab pot two separate times.

"Roger's hand is probably numb," Colburn sighed to the cameras.

The skipper radioed his men from the wheelhouse, "Stay away from the rail."

But trooper Schlosstein smiled to the cameras, "You just gotta work through it." 

Worse was yet to come as a pot later slid on the icy deck right into Schlosstein's body. 

"Whoa!" Colburn shouted from the wheelhouse, "get it off him!"

Schlosstein was able to walk away from the incident but the captain cautioned, "it slammed into him really quickly. He could have literally broke his back just now."

Colburn vowed to sail to a safer place and not to take any more chances—and went to check on his battered deck hand.

Schlosstein joked that the large metal crab pot had hit him, "right in the middle of my butt cheeks….I got a hell of a Charlie horse in my ass, left testicle's a little sore, hand is a little tender. Other than that, I'm doing great." 

Meanwhile, Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski was having storm problems of his own.

The captain was horrified when his men said they didn't have any cod left to use as bait.

"F***ing idiots," Wichrowski raged, saying he couldn't believe they had made that stupid of a mistake.

On the Summer Bay, Wichrowski's crew had to run back and retrieve cod pots. The skipper's deck boss Nick McGlashan said it was a bad situation and they had lost money.

The cod fish delay gave the storm time to build, putting Wichrowski's gear to the test.

When they finally began fishing for crab, the crewmen pulled up disappointing pots for the already disappointed Wichrowski.

The weather was perilous as Wichrowski tried a new strategy, moving his pots miles southeast in search for crab. Finally, the captain’s men hauled up a great pot to which he crowed that a haul of 290 crab was "rock star these days.”

"I’m full of life right now,” he added.

"I've been doing this for almost 40 years and it don't get old seeing crab," Wichrowski told the cameras.

He scored a 413 crab count in another pot, his highest of the season and worth $2,500.

On the Northwestern, Sig Hansen said he wasn't catching crab. So he headed south and, like Wichrowski, needed to catch his bait before he could fish. The veteran captain took broadside hits on the boat while trying to shield his crew from the swells.

Hansen's crewmen caught the cod but the skipper said he was "very worried about the season."

A preview of next week’s episode of "Deadliest Catch" showed a chilling moment when it looked like Hansen was once again experiencing heart trouble. Stay tuned.