Sadie Robertson: 'I have found the ultimate joy'

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 (Graham Meyers)

Sadie Robertson shared an inspirational message for her fans on Instagram.

The reality star, who recently graduated high school, wrote on the photo-sharing site that she has found "ultimate joy."

"I worship the God who made this creation we live in, and all the beauty in it. We are created to love people. How beautiful is that? We are made to LOVE," she wrote. "With my platform I get to love so many people I wouldn’t [have] met before. That is something to smile about!"

She added, "That is how I have found the ultimate joy."

Robertson's recent revelation came from reading “Looking for Lovely” by Annie Downs.

She says the book "challenged" her "to seek the beauty God has created around me, and within me."

"Now because of what God showed me through that book I don’t see myself as the world sees me. I don’t even see the world I used to see it," Robertson shared.