Anastasia Ashley: Fellow Sports Illustrated models as pretty inside as they are out

Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley was in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, and for good reason


Anastasia Ashley is not only a celebrated pro surfer, she was also splashed across the pages of Sports Illustrated’s coveted Swimsuit Issue. She joined us at the Fox411 headquarters to chat about her rising fame, a close encounter with a shark and her celebrity model gal crush.

FOX411: What was it like shooting for SI?

Anastasia Ashley: It was something I always dreamed of doing like who doesn’t want to be in a magazine with all of the most beautiful women in the world. Sports Illustrated is such a cool thing because it’s an athlete magazine, and it’s rad that they put athletes in the swimsuit issue every year because athletes have great bodies just like the models, maybe a little more athletic and toned but I think it’s really nice that they showcase that. So, this year they approached me, and asked if I wanted to do it and I was like, “Hell yeah, let’s do this.” 

FOX411: On your Twitter, you’ve befriended a lot of the models so you’re hanging out with Chrissy Tiegen and Kate Upton. 

Ashley: Yeah. Through SI and meeting all the girls at the events, they’re as beautiful personalities as they are looks-wise so they’re a blast.  It’s always fun to have drinks. They’re fun girls. What’s not to love? Chrissy Tiegen’s the best. She’s hilarious.

FOX411: Is she your celebrity gal crush?

Ashley: I’d say Chrissy Tiegen is definitely my celebrity girl crush, or Hannah Davis is a favorite too. She’s amazing. 

FOX411: When yo uare out there on your surfboard ave you ever had any crazy shark encounters?

Ashley: I’ve seen them and that’s been enough for me. Super close but maybe thirty feet away was close enough.

FOX411: What kind of shark?

Ashley: I believe that was a tiger shark.  I wasn’t really close enough to see but I was in Hawaii so I was assuming it was a tiger shark.

FOX411: When you see a shark what do you do?

Ashley: Get out of the water! I see a shark and I say, “Peace.” Surprisingly, the times I’ve seen sharks, people don’t get out of the water. Sometimes they’re just dolphins but when I see a dolphin, I’m out.

FOX411: What is the difference between being a male surfer versus a female surfer?  Are there fewer competitions?

Ashley: For any sport, I think females are not as usually well paid or they don’t have as many events. Surfing has been like that for a long time, and it’s been hard for a lot of girls to get sponsorships because there’s been a cut in events, so it’s great now with the Internet there’s so many great female surfers now that it’s awesome that we’re getting a lot of competitions back that have been gone for years, and a lot more money being put into women’s surfing. It’s been a lot harder for females to make it than guys.

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