"No More Drama" singer's charity facing financial woes

Mary J. Blige's foundation FFAWN has failed to pay tuition of at least two of it's scholars.

Mary J. Blige's foundation FFAWN has failed to pay tuition of at least two of it's scholars.

A scholarship program founded by singer Mary J. Blige is stiffing two young students, as well as the Internal Revenue Service, according to a report.

The Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, started in 2007 by Blige and Steve Stoute, was supposed to pay for college for 25 young women. But at least two contacted the New York Post said the checks stopped coming, and the charity is facing several lawsuits.

The singer vowed to straighten things out.

“This should have never been allowed to happen, but it did, and now we are fixing it," Blige said in a statement.

The foundation also failed to file 2010 federal income tax returns, documents which would have shown where donations from big names like Gucci and  Jay-Z went. FFAWN is being sued by TD Bank for $250,000 on defaulted loans and for $167,252 for allegedly not paying musicians who played a benefit concert in 2011.

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FFAWN, which also hosts workshops and funds the Mary J. Blige Center for Women, insisted the scholarship program was "in good shape." After the singer boastfully claimed on NBC's "Today" show in 2010 that she "sent 25 girls to college," some of Blige's scholars have had to take out loans to pay tuition off while others are in danger of completely dropping out of college, according to the Post. 

Blige worked hard to make one dollar from all of her My Life perfume sales go to the foundation in 2009, raising $60,000, but the "Share My World" singer is not sharing all too much of the cost. The singer personally donated $25,000 to the foundation in 2009, despite gross sales from her album released the previous year totaling $43.5 million, according to Billboard.

Blige is set to star in Rock of Ages, in theaters later this month.

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