'Dancing With the Stars' Host Tom Bergeron to Producers: Keep Me Away From Chris Brown

Tom Bergeron(left) doesn't want Chris Brown near him on "DWTS." (Reuters/AP)

Tom Bergeron(left) doesn't want Chris Brown near him on "DWTS." (Reuters/AP)

R&B singer Chris Brown, who trashed a dressing room at the "Good Morning America" studios after an interview last week, will perform two songs Tuesday on "Dancing With the Stars" as scheduled. But he may have to introduce himself to the TV audience, the New York Post reported.

"Dancing With The Stars" host Tom Bergeron said Monday that he has asked the show's producers to keep him far away from Brown.

"I did tell the producers it may be to their advantage to not have me interview him," Bergeron said on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, "because my natural tendency would be to say something. So, don't put me in a position where you are asking me not to say something, because I really won't do that."

It was not clear if Bergeron, a free-swinging personality to begin with, was saying he refused to temper his comments about Brown on the air -- or that he simply disapproved of the show's decision to honor its invitation to Brown after his violent "GMA" tantrum in New York.

ABC has been milking its unconventional relationship with the singer for a week, which has led to much speculation about the network's motives.

The singer, upset after being grilled about his 2009 assault of ex-girlfriend Rihanna, reportedly smashed a chair into a plate glass window, sending shards of glass down on Times Square.

"The very same day, ABC said they weren't pressing charges, they invited him back to the show," radio host Egypt Sherrod told CNN.

"What does that tell you? They want in. They don't want their rivals to benefit from the biggest story of the week. That will translate into ratings for 'Dancing With the Stars.'"

But ABC is clearly not trumpeting Brown's return to the network. In a press release issued Monday confirming the lineup for Tuesday night's show -- which was still in some doubt -- the network buried Brown's appearance in the 10th paragraph, after bios of the show's new six-member "pro dance troupe."

In recent days, it has been suggested that "GMA" may be trying to orchestrate an on-air reconciliation between Brown and Rihanna.

"That is not true," a "GMA" spokesperson told the New York Post. "There are no plans to have him back on the show."