Worker trapped in massive 'hot' ink tank dies

An Australian maintenance worker on Thursday fell into a hot ink tank, became trapped inside the 18-foot tall vat when a blade moved unexpectedly and died after rescuers struggled for several hours to free him -- an incident responders called a "terrible tragedy."

The man, who was not identified, climbed into the battery-shaped tank at a manufacturing plant in a Sydney suburb when there was still ink inside.

“It’s a tragic set of circumstances so close to Christmas,” New South Wales Ambulance Superintendent Paul Turner told, adding temperatures inside the tank were “hot.”

Emergency responders at the DIC Australia plant worked for hours to remove the body of the man, who was believed to be in his 20s or 30s. Two other maintenance workers who went inside the tank, were able to escape but were taken to a local hospital with leg fractures.

“We had ten ambulance resources on scene, along with NSW Police and Fire & Rescue...We did absolutely everything we could,” Turner said.

The man who died was conscious initially and was able to talk to paramedics, but his condition quickly deteriorated, reported.

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