Reformist head of Ukraine's central bank resigns

The chief of the Ukrainian Central Bank has announced her resignation following months of pressure to step down.

Reformist Valeria Gontareva, an investment banker who has been in charge of transforming the country's crumbling banking sector since 2014, told a televised news conference Monday that she would step down next month.

Gontareva has been praised by the International Monetary Fund for her efforts to clean up Ukraine's notoriously corrupt banking sector. She was vilified by some politicians and business executives who campaigned against her.

Gontareva would not comment on the attempts to oust her, saying that she was resigning because her "mission is complete."

The IMF has lauded some of Gontareva's boldest steps such as the decision in December to move PrivatBank, Ukraine's largest bank, into full state ownership.