California animal shelter asks for help snaring dreaded 'gumball bandit'

An animal shelter in Sacramento, Calif., is asking for help to find a bandit.

A “gumball bandit,” that is.

Front Street Animal Shelter posted a video on Friday of an unidentified man who appears to break into the shelter and steal the gumball machine inside.

Hidden camera footage shows the man crawling through a broken pane in a glass door to enter the shelter.

Once inside, he picks up the gumball machine and tries to shove it through the same broken pane. Hundreds of gumballs spill out all over the ground.

The suspect then tries to pry open the machine’s quarter compartment. With no avail, he carries the machine through a different door that leads outside. Once outside, he throws the machine over a barbed wire fence as dogs bark at him. He then appears to flee the scene.

During his attempt to steal the machine, the suspect never seemed to notice a donation box, full of money, on a countertop a few feet away.

Those with information about the break-in can call the Sacramento Police Department at 916-264-5471 or Crime Stoppers at 916-443-HELP, according to FOX 40.