New Hampshire signs ask residents to give cash to charities, not panhandlers

New signs in Manchester, N.H. are asking people to stop giving money to panhandlers.

Often standing at busy intersections, panhandlers put themselves in the heart of traffic with a sign asking people to help them by donating spare change or a few bucks. But police say this is dangerous and the unsafe behavior needs to stop.

Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard tweeted a photo of the new signs posted around town Monday, which ask people to donate to a local charity instead of giving money to these people.

The picture even has a woman with a cardboard sign standing next to one of the news warnings.

"Your generosity could l lead to a fatality," the sign reads.

The sign also has a list of a few local charities you could support.

Willard also offered a look at similar signs in New York City that discourage panhandling.

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