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Colorado officer critical after fight with DUI suspect

A Colorado cop was in critical condition after suffering a heart attack during a fight with a suspect accused of driving under the influence, police said.

Corporal Michael Nesbitt of the Edgewater Police Department was chasing down Connor Michael Dougherty at 2 a.m. Friday alongside other officers. Dougherty, 26, crashed in the parking lot of Jefferson High School in Edgewater and fought back when police tried to take him into custody, officers said.

Nesbitt suffered cardiac arrest during the fight. He was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Sergeant Mark Hamilton responded, “Corporal Nesbitt is an extremely hard working police officer. He works a lot of hours. He’s received numerous awards for his DUI enforcement. That’s what he was doing the night he was hurt,” according to Fox 31


By Saturday night Nesbitt had made “guarded improvement” but was still in critical condition, said KUSA. The Colorado community has been rooting for his recovery. 

Dougherty was taken to the hospital as well but was later released. He is in Jefferson County Jail facing multiple charges, including second-degree assault of a police officer.

Edgewater is a 15-minute drive west of Denver.