Texas teacher's aide faked cancer diagnosis, kept more than $11G in donations

Kevin MaBone.

Kevin MaBone.  (AP)

A federal judge ordered Tuesday a fresh investigation into a Texas teacher’s aide who admitted to faking a cancer diagnosis to hide a criminal case in West Virginia.

Kevin MaBone pleaded guilty in October to misappropriating $6,600 in taxpayer money from 2007 to 2014 in West Virginia.

MaBone was hired to work at Wilkinson Middle School in the Mesquite school district in August as a teacher’s aide for students with behavioral issues, according to WFAA-TV. Over the next few months, health issues began to plague MaBone – or at least that’s what he told school officials.

The 56-year-old told principal Leslie Feinglas he was battling prostate cancer. Faculty and students used his plight as a rallying cry and raised more than $11,000 in donations to help pay for medical expenses. He was also given a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis on Friday, which was valued at around $5,000.

MaBone was set for surgery this week, but told Feinglas he had been cured of cancer. Feinglas immediately saw that as a “red flag.” A Mesquite police school resource officer then searched MaBone’s name on the internet and found his guilty plea in West Virginia, according to the station.

“We’re heartbroken.  We’re embarrassed,” Feinglas said. "To know that he did this to the staff, he did this to the students, he took money from our students - how can someone do that?”

Feinglas said she’s working with Go Fund Me to help pay back the donations. The Grand Marquis donation hasn’t been returned. It’s believed he drove it to West Virginia for his sentencing.

A background check conducted on MaBone in August only revealed bankruptcy and a lien filing, according to the school district. Communications director Laura Jobe said they were “duped.”

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