1 of 2 inmates recaptured after escaping from a California jail

One of the two inmates who sawed their way out of a California jail and disappeared last week was recaptured last Tuesday, authorities said.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office said Laron Campbell was taken back into custody and was being transported back to Santa Clara County.

Officials are continuing their search for the other escaped inmate, Rogelio Chavez.

Chavez and Campbell escaped last Wednesday with two other prisoners from the jail after cutting through the bars covering a second-story window, descending to the ground on a bedsheet rope. The others were quickly apprehended.

Earlier Tuesday, officials believed Chavez was hiding in a mobile home in San Jose before coming up empty-handed.

Nearby schools were placed on lock-down and several places were searched near the area. Santa Clara County Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Rich Glennon said officials received tips of Chavez’s potential location.

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Santa Clara County Sheriff's SWAT team was dispatched to a mobile home parked on a street in San Jose.

"He was not discovered at that location but we continue to search and our investigators remain in the area processing information and interviewing witnesses," Glennon said.

Emily Vaca, the woman who drove Chavez around the county in order to escape authorities was arrested on Monday of suspicion of being an accessory to a crime.

Chavez and Campbell are facing possible life sentences if convicted of burglary, extortion, false imprisonment and other charges on which they were being held. Chavez had been held at the jail since August and Campbell since February 2015.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.