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No ticket for Arkansas police chief after officer claims he was driving '107 mph'

The mayor of a city in Arkansas called for an investigation after dashcam video showed an officer pulling over the police chief, saying he was driving over 100 mph -- and then letting him go.

The video, released Monday, showed Brinkley Police Chief Edward Randle stopping his pickup truck on the side of State Highway 302. It did not show the truck's speed, but one of two officers who walked up to him said, “I had you locked in at 107.”

Randle was heard responding, “It won’t do 107. It’ll only do 95.”


They laughed, and the officer said he was going 90 mph and Randle was pulling away. The officers eventually laughed and walked back to their patrol car, saying, “See you later, chief.”

Randle has denied any wrongdoing, but critics cried foul. Benjamin Martin, a business owner in nearby Clarendon who told THV11.com that he saw the traffic stop on Oct. 21, said he found it “disheartening” that a “public official or not, would show such blatant disregard for the speed limit, and put the lives of innocent others at risk.”


Randle told THV11 that he worked in law enforcement for nearly three decades and said the interaction should not be a public issue. He told KATV that he did not deserve the ticket because the officer who reportedly spotted him was outside city jurisdiction. KATV noted that the dash cam did not register the traveling speed.

“My truck is governed to 95 mph, so when I go past 95 mph—I wasn’t near close to 95 mph as I was traveling,” he told KATV.com. “I might have been a little bit over the speed limit, but it wasn’t that much.”

“All of our employees in this city are a role model on the job and they’re a role model off the job, and that’s what we must maintain,” Brinkley Mayor Billy Hankins responded.

FoxNews.com reached out to Baxter Sharp III, the prosecuting attorney in Monroe County, to inquire about any further investigation into the video.

Brinkley is about 80 miles east of Little Rock.