The Huge Fallout This Entrepreneur Faced When He Put All His Eggs in One Basket

David Steinberg, co-founder and CEO of Zeta Interactive, a data and analytics company, learned the hard way that you can’t put all of your clients in one basket.

When his company launched in 2007, the company’s main clients were for-profit education companies -- which ended up being a huge issue. “We woke up one day and there had been a regulatory change that really hurt their businesses,” he says in a video.

This change nearly wiped out Zeta’s customer base, forcing Steinberg to make a change. “I felt like I had not been the leader I should have been in that moment,” he recalls.

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The company repurposed its platform to reach other clients, and today focuses on financial services, insurance, travel, automotive and communication services as well, according to Steinberg.

Check out the video to hear more from Steinberg’s misstep and how he pivoted his company to get back on track.