Report on anti-Semitism at Univ. of Tennessee only the 'tip of the iceberg,' watchdog warns

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 (AP Photo/ Knoxville News Sentinel, J. Miles Cary, File)

The national watchdog group that uncovered a string of unchecked anti-Semitic social media posts among students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville warned on Wednesday that its initial findings were just the "tip of the iceberg," The Algemeiner reported.

Among the findings from Canary Mission, which identifies and studies anti-Israel activities on college campuses: numerous students tweeted statements supporting Adolf Hitler, and the founder of the university group Students for Justice in Palestine referenced the First Intifada while calling for another Palestinian uprising.

University officials said in a statement that the Algemeiner report last week "highlights seven social media posts by just six of our students over a span of five years. Several are no longer enrolled as students and are no longer part of our campus community."

A Canary Mission representative responded, claiming the group had actually uncovered a total of 97 "highly racist, bigoted, antisemitic or threatening" social media posts from people tied to the university's Muslim Students’ Association and SJP. The posts came from 14 current students, eight former students and one person described as "not a student but an agitator," the watchdog added.

The school's response this week continued, "The university does not condone the statements included in the story; however, we believe those current and former students were within their constitutional rights to post their personal viewpoints."

Canary Mission added, "The posts highlighted in the [original] report were intended to be an alert for the UTK administration and the public at large to investigate the matter further."

One student identified in the original report had bragged about his assault weapons while making anti-American statements online, according to The Algemeiner. Also, a graduate described a social media user as a "dirty filthy Jew. All your people do is f----- s--- up. Wish hitler was still around to show you guys."

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