‘You know how to . . . shut up’: Speaker scolding chatty students goes viral

A motivational speaker’s response to a group of students interrupting him at an event in St. Louis has gone viral.

Eric Thomas, who was speaking at Vashon High School last month, was telling the audience his story: how he dropped out of high school, was homeless in Detroit for two years, met a pastor and turned his life around, KTVI reports.

But the speech took an unexpected turn after Thomas had to tell a group of students to be quiet several times.

“When people love you, you don’t do them like dirt. When people care for you, don’t disrespect them. You ain’t got but a few people who care about you in this world,” Thomas said in a video of the speech.

“I challenge you to go into class and act like you have some sense. No one has to put you on medicine. You know how to sit down and shut up. You do it when you’re watching videos,” he added.

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