Video shows thieves ram truck into Calif. liquor store to steal ATM

Surveillance footage shows two theives breaking into a Fresno, Calif. liquor store early Monday morning and stealing the ATM, according to police. 

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Police said the theives backed a tan-colored stolen truck into the glass doors of Yosemite Market, after they had chained the door to the truck and unsuccessfully tried to break in. 

Police say they know the truck is stolen, because the license plates are wrong.

"The first digits are seven, D, as in David, N, as in Nora. But, that's not going to be the proper plate, because that's for a car. So, it's either a stolen truck, which most likely it's a stolen truck and they put a cold plate on it. Or it's their vehicle, but surprisingly damaged their vehicle," Fresno Police Lt. Joe Gomez said.

Detectives say the thieves seemed like they knew the layout of the store and were fully prepared for the robbery. 

A passerby witnessed the end of the robbery, according to the market's owner Neena Shergill.

"He was driving on the road, but when he saw something going on, he backed up and came, and by the time he was here they were already gone," said Shergill.

The Fresno police have not made any arrests.