Highway patrol chases ponies galloping along Florida road


After almost an hour of running loose Wednesday morning, several ponies are safe at home in Florida's Miami-Dade County. 

Click here to see the video. 

Drivers got to witness the pack of five ponies running free alongside the Turnpike and I-75 around 8:25 am. 

Authorities were led on a wild chase, as the ponies galloped alongside the highway, until they reached the Miami-Dade/Broward country line around 8:45 am.

Florida Highway Patrol and Road Rangers tried to block the ponies with a group of police cars alongside the highway, but the ponies escaped. 

The pod of ponies was corralled near a broken fence around 9:00 am, but they got away once again. 

The group then turned their attention to a residential neighborhoos near the roadway, strolling through backyards and stopping to grab a drink of water at a small pond before a resdient waved them away. 

The chase ended around 9:20 am, after the ponies were seen being corralled once more into a yard with a white fence. 

The ponies drank water from a pond and were seen rolling in the grass and dirt after their morning spree. 

The house appears to be the residence of the ponies, but it is not yet confirmed. FHP says they are monitoring the situation.