Florida school threatened 9-year-old with sexual harrassment charges for love note, mom says

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A 9-year-old Florida boy's "love note" landed him in the principal's office with the school threatening sexual harassment charges, his mother told local media Monday.

The note described how his crush "wears the same uniform and how her eyes sparkled like diamonds," his mother told WFTS.

The station reports the boy lives in Hillsborough County, which includes Tampa. It did not name the child, his mother, or the school, citing privacy concerns.

The principal told the boy's mother the note was inappropriate, and that it would file sexual harassment charges if he wrote another one, she said.

Other students started to tease the boy, saying he wanted to see the girl naked, his mother added.

School district officials told WFTS the child wrote more than one unwanted love note. They added that passing notes in class is too disruptive.

But the boy's mother fired back, "What little kid doesn't write love notes?"

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