Fortunately, Hurricane Joaquin continues to weaken and continues to head out into the Atlantic. The storm sparing a direct hit on the United States. But the search for a cargo ship that disappeared in the storm continues today. 33 people were aboard, and lots of wreckage including life preservers have been found in the area where the ship was last reported. We’ll talk to the Coast Guard about the missing ship, the chances of rescue and what happened. We may also talk to a family member of the missing.

Days of torrential rains are causing huge problems for the Carolinas. Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina have been flooded. Columbia, SC got as much as 20 inches of rain! Rescue operations are underway as I write this. There are washed out roads and bridges, flooded homes and trapped people. Power is out for thousands. At least 7 reported dead so far.

Russian air strikes continue to hammer Syria. Today we’ll ask how much danger U.S. troops, equipment and aircraft might be in because of the aggressive Russian moves.

Lots of political news today.

Hillary Clinton is on a swing through New Hampshire. She’s unveiling new gun control measures that would strengthen background checks and eliminate legal immunity for gun sellers. Hillary Clinton appeared on Saturday Night Live over the weekend poking fun at herself. She’ll be on the Today show this morning in a Town Hall hosted by NBC.

New NBC News/WSJ/Marist poll released yesterday shows Bernie Sanders with a nine point lead over Clinton in New Hampshire. If Biden is added to the mix, Clinton gets even less. She retains her lead in Iowa.

Speaking of Biden, there is growing speculation over his possible entry into the race for the White House. The Washington Post today asks if he really wants to be just a spoiler in the 2016 race.

The same WSJ/Marist/NBC polls show Trump is holding onto his lead in NH and Iowa, but it is shrinking.

Jeb Bush also getting some attention in today’s New York Times. The paper suggests his campaign is in trouble, and may bring in former President George W Bush to help.

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are campaigning today in Iowa. Carly Fiorina is campaigning in New Hampshire, Marco Rubio is in New York and then New Hampshire. John Kasich is holding a town hall at 11:30 in Richmond, VA.

It’s the first day of the new Supreme Court session.

House Republicans set to decide on a new Speaker this week. There’s a battle for the title underway behind the scenes.

American Apparel has declared bankruptcy.

Twitter named Jack Dorsey as CEO.

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