2nd Big GOP Debate Tonight

Big GOP Debate tonight. Carly Fiorina and 10 men face off at the second major debate of the campaign season. There’s also a smaller debate for the lower-tier candidates at 6pm which includes Santorum, Jindal, Pataki and Graham.

Interesting speech last night from Donald Trump on the USS Iowa. It was supposed to be a policy speech on foreign policy, but there weren’t a lot of specifics. More on that with our political guests.

We’re also digesting the latest polling from the New York Times and CBS News.  

Hillary Clinton will be on the Tonight Show tonight.

President makes remarks and takes questions at the quarterly meeting of the business roundtable in Washington.

Congress still mulling some type of action on the Iran nuclear deal. The White House says it will start lifting sanctions as soon as tomorrow.

We’re once again headed for a possible government shutdown. Republicans threatening to block any budget deal over Planned Parenthood funding.

Four people still missing after flash flooding in Utah killed at least 8.

Northern California *could* get some desperately needed rain today after flash flooding in Southern California yesterday.

Fires continue to rage in several sports in Northern California though firefighters are making progress. More than 800 homes have burned.

Hungary sealed its border, and it’s apparently working as tens of thousands of refugees and other migrants head for Croatia. Austria has halted all trains headed to Germany on a German request to stop the flow of refugees.

All eyes on Wall Street on the Federal Reserve and its big decision on interest rates. Stocks in Asia and Europe are up significantly. Hewlett Packard will lay off 30,000 workers.

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