Fires continue to rage out of control in several spots in California. 1000 buildings have burned. 11,000 firefighters are fighting a dozen wildfires, and 13,000 people have been forced to flee or have had their homes destroyed. Claudia Cowan is in Middletown, CA where many homes are gone.

At least 8 people are dead, and another five are missing after flash flooding on the Utah/Arizona border. Jonathan Hunt reporting.

The campus shooting we had as breaking news on Happening Now yesterday turned out to have been a love triangle. A man shot and killed a professor on the campus of Delta State University in Mississippi. Police believe Shannon Lamb killed his girlfriend in the town of Gautier before he killed the professor. Police were following him when he pulled over and killed himself. Jonathan Serrie reporting.

New polling just out from the New York Times and CBS News. It shows Ben Carson surging to the top of the GOP field, and now running nearly even with Donald Trump. His support among Republican voters jumping from 6 to 23%! Trump is now at 27% from 24%. Jeb Bush falls to just 6% from 13%. Scott Walker drops from 10 to 2%. Carly Fiorina’s support has jumped from nearly none to 4%.

Pretty quiet on the campaign trail today as Republicans prepare for the second major debate tomorrow night.

Jeb Bush doing a fundraiser and tech round table in California.

Donald Trump is giving a national security address aboard the battleship USS Iowa at 9pm ET.

We’re looking for another test vote on the Iran deal today. Mike Emanuel reporting.

President Obama meeting with the HHS Secretary today at 11am.

The illegal immigration crisis in Europe continues to intensify. 22 people died after their wooden boat sank off the coast of Turkey. The country of Hungary declared a state of emergency and deployed its army to the border with Serbia as tens of thousands of refugees and other illegal immigrants have flooded into Europe. 200,000 have crossed Serbia through Hungary already. It does not appear the EU has been able to come up with a unified strategy to deal with the flood of humanity.

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