New signs today the Chinese economy is slowing down.. as markets there collapse. Stocks in China fell another 4% overnight. Stocks in other Asian countries down more than 2%. Stocks in Hong Kong and Taiwan now down more than 20% form recent highs. Yesterday the Dow closed down by 358 points. It’s now negative for 2015. The Nasdaq fell 2.8%. It’s looking to be another down day.  

The FBI likely to now expand the investigation into emails deleted from the private server of Hillary Clinton. A judge ruled yesterday that the former secretary of state did not comply with paperwork policies during her term. Clinton has insisted she followed all the rules in place at the time. The judge disagrees.

Catherine Herridge and Doug McKelway on the Hillary email controversy.

Martin O’Malley unveiling new details of his plans for an expansion of social security.

On the GOP side, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal have events today. Trump also has a big pep rally tonight in Mobile, Alabama where they are expecting thousands.
There’s a good piece in the New York Times today about Trump’s long shadow over the GOP field. Maggie Haberman writes, “As the dust from the first Republican presidential primary debate has settled, one fact has become as glaringly bright and clear as a golden hotel sign: Mr. Trump is not going away.”
100 large fires are burning across the Western United States including. Seven states have major fires. 29,000 firefighters on the job. High winds and hotter than normal temperatures are not helping the efforts. 3 firefighters killed in Whisp, Washington. Will Carr reporting.

A landslide in Alaska killed three men. 2 bodies recovered so far.

The rhetoric heating up again between North and South Korea. North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un ordered his troops into a quasi state of war.

Greece’s Prime Minister resigned and called new elections in a clever move to head off a potential test of confidence. He could be re-elected.

The illegal immigration crisis coming to a head in Europe as hundreds of thousands of refugees from the middle east and Africa have flooded into Europe. Macedonian police are in a battle with 3,000 illegal immigrants trying to push through the border between Greece and Macedonia.

The two girls accused of attacking another girl in the so-called Slenderman case will enter pleas today. The pair allegedly stabbed a friend nearly to death in devotion to the fictional character.

We’ll get into that case with our legal panel, and follow up on the testimony in the prep school rape case from New Hampshire.

There’s also an important new report on the treatment of breast cancer. The radical and early treatment some 60,000 Americans get each year may make no difference in outcomes. We’ll get into it with an important guest.

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