Hawaiian culture-based mediation considered instead of trial for some telescope protesters

Instead of a trial, most of the people arrested in April for blocking construction of a giant mountaintop telescope will likely participate in a Hawaiian culture-based form of mediation.

Three defendants in the case filed a motion asking for a hooponopono (ho-OH'-po-noh-po-noh) as an alternative to a trial.

Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney Mitch Roth says his office supports the motion. He met with a group of defendants Monday night to discuss how the unique process may be used in a criminal case that is rooted in protesters' belief that they are protecting Mauna Kea from desecration.

Hooponopono is traditionally used within families to work out differences, using prayer and discussion.

Roth says hooponopono isn't being considered for protesters who are charged in a second round of arrests last month.