Homegrown terror a focus today. A suspected terrorist shot to death by police in Boston yesterday after he came at them with a knife when they tried to question him. He had been under 24-hour surveillance for days. Another person was arrested in Everett, Massachusetts last night apparently directly related to the case. He’ll be in court today. Molly Line reporting for us today.

There’s also a hearing by the House Homeland Security Committee today into the growing threat from terrorists being recruited and groomed online specifically through social media. Catherine Herridge reporting .

Former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee expected to throw his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination to be President today.

Senator Lindsay Graham has several events today including two stops in New Hampshire. He declared he’s running for President on Monday.

Jeb Bush getting more aggressive as polls show his once-healthy position in the GOP field is slipping. New Washington Post-ABC News polls show Bush has slipped into a two-way tie for third place in the GOP field with Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), behind Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.). He had been leading earlier polling.

Bush spoke at a GOP event in Florida yesterday where he appeared more aggressive and critical of fellow Republicans. We could likely see more of the same as he battles to regain his standing.

Hillary Clinton may also be rethinking things today as new polling suggests the drip, drip, drip of revelations related to the Clinton Foundation and emails while Secretary of State are taking a toll.

Clinton's favorability rating has fallen pretty dramatically. That ABC News, Washington Post poll shows just 41%  say she is honest and trustworthy, compared with 52% who say she is not. That’s a drop of 22 points in a year.

More new polling from CBS and the New York Times suggests Americans may be finally getting worried about the state of money in politics. Most Americans (of both parties) are against unlimited money in campaigns and favor an overhaul of campaign spending.

The Wall Street Journal today reports, “A total of 10.2 million people signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act and paid their premiums by the end of March, the Obama administration said Tuesday, indicating the administration is on track to meet its revised goal. The administration had said last year that it expected to have between 9.1 million and 9.9 million consumers paid up and enrolled in insurance plans through state and federal online exchanges in 2015.”

That’s solid numbers, but slightly below what some analysts had hoped. Obamacare faces a big challenge this month in the Supreme Court which could throw out subsidies for states that run their own health care exchanges.

The FDA is imposing new restrictions on antibiotics given to cows, chickens and other animals as the White House hunts for ways to fight superbugs – bacteria that’s resistant or impervious to antibiotics.

President Obama signed new Patriot Act legislation last night.. that reinstates many of the government’s surveillance powers, but does not allow anymore the bulk collection of Americans’ phone records.

We’re awaiting new details on the FIFA scandal a day after the President resigned in disgrace. We’ll get the transcript of a hearing in which a top official pleaded guilty to corruption.

Two high ranking FIFA officials have been arrested and Interpol issued a red notice to arrest six linked to the scandal.. no matter where they are in the world.

We get several important reads on the economy including a jobs report from the private firm ADP. It’s expected to say 200,000 jobs were created last month.

An economic agency today cut its forecast for the U.S. economy for 2015 from 3.1% to just 2% for the year.

Meantime, a survey of Europe suggests the Greek crisis is weighing heavily on the European economy. A chief economist said any escalation of the crisis could rapidly derail the economy.

There’s a big meeting on the bailout of Greece today. There are growing fears Greece could be forced into bankruptcy and out of the European Union. Greece owes a $300 million payment by Friday and $1 billion more this month.

CA drought update. California cut its April water use by 13.5%, but that’s still far from the 25% demanded by California Governor Jerry Brown. Adam Housley reporting.