Alaska man shoots 9-foot brown bear trying to get into house

An Alaska man shot and killed a 9-foot brown bear that attempted to break into his home several times.

The Peninsula Clarion reported Jim Landess, who lives in Sterling on the Kenai Peninsula, shot the 5-year-old male with a pistol July 7. He was home with his son at the time of the incident.

He told the Clarion in an email that the bear was pounding on the outside walls of his home. He and a son were able to scare the bear off with a couple of shots fired into the air, and they went back to bed. But the bear came back about three hours later.

"My son was sleeping downstairs and stood up to be eye-level with a 9-foot brown bear looking at him through the dining room window," he told the Alaska Dispatch.

Landess said he grabbed his .45 pistol and fired about seven rounds at the bear from an upper deck. 

"I couldn’t believe that it came back," he told the paper.

Officials say Landess fulfilled his legal requirements by taking the hide and skull to authorities and filling out the proper paperwork.

"I'm not a hunter; I'm a fisherman," he told the paper. "It wasn't something I wanted to do. I wanted to scare him off."

The Associated Press contributed to this report