'Jeopardy!' contestant Arthur Chu defends controversial strategy

Is Arthur Chu a game show hero or villain?


Arthur Chu, who’s shaken up the competition on the game show “Jeopardy!” using some unconventional methods, said on “The Kelly File” Tuesday that “strategy plays a big role” in how he views what’s successful – and fair – when it comes to competing.

“Like any game, strategy plays a big role,” Chu told Trace Gallagher.

Chu calls his approach the “Forrest bounce,” after Chuck Forrest, one of the most successful “Jeopardy!” contestants during his heyday in the mid-1980s. The strategy involves game theory, in which Chu jumps across the board in search of the coveted Daily Doubles, often bypassing easy questions.

The strategy has received some brushback across Twitter, from users who believe the method is unfair, but Chu says he’s undeterred and that his approach is legal.

“Between $10,000 and getting haters on Twitter, the $10,000 is more important to me,” he said.

Host Megyn Kelly sided with Chu.

“It’s a competition, there’s supposed to be a winner,” she said. “Arthur appears to get that.”