Florida parakeet foils robbery at neighbor's house

This is one suspect who ran afowl of the law.

Emerald, a 21-year-old parakeet perched in Florida, helped foil a break-in at a neighbor's home by squawking louder than normal, making owner Suzette Beesley realize that something was wrong, reported. 

Beesley took a look outside her Tampa nest and saw some birdbrain trying to burglarize her neighbor's house. 

Beesley told that she called 911, while Emerald kept a watchful eye from his cage. 

Hillsborough County Sheriff deputies surrounded the neighbor's house and reportedly tackled Hans Christensen, 31, as he tried to get away. 

"We pretty much don't have a watchdog, but we have a watch bird for the neighborhood," Beesley told

Christensen, who is being charged with burglary and grand theft, may wind up in a cage of his own. 

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