Chicago settles mentally ill woman's police misconduct case for $22 million

Jan. 15, 2013: Chicago's City Council meets.

Jan. 15, 2013: Chicago's City Council meets.  (

The city of Chicago will pay $22.5 million to a mentally ill woman who was attacked after being released by police into a dangerous neighborhood. reports the City Council agreed to settle the police misconduct case of 27-year-old Christina Eilman for the sum Tuesday.

Eilman, who is bipolar, was arrested in 2006 after having a breakdown and causing a disturbance at Midway Airport. Though her parents called numerous times to try and explain her condition, police officers released Eilman into a section of the South Side that a federal judge compared to a lion's den. reports Eilman was attacked, raped and then fell seven stories from a high-rise. She suffered a permanent brain injury, and now requires constant care.

The city proposed a $22.5 million settlement to her family, which the City Council Finance Committee approved unanimously.

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