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Former TSA worker allegedly gropes supervisor after pat down


Video reportedly shows a former TSA employee grope a supervisor after what she perceived to be an unjust pat down (

A former Transportation Security Administration employee was apparently annoyed with the extend of her pat down at Southwest Florida International Airport, so she allegedly groped a TSA supervisor to display her treatment during screening, reported.

Carol Price, the former TSA worker, was arrested April 20 for battery and resisting an officer after she allegedly groped an officer after she claimed a worker touched her inappropriately, the station reported.

The video showing the incident was just released.

At around 12:30 p.m., Price goes through security and is pulled aside for additional screening. A TSA worker begins giving Price a pat down, touching her thighs several times and the area around her breasts, reported. 

Two minutes later, the pat down is complete.

The video shows Price speaking with TSA workers. According to reports, Price said was upset about the required pat down search. She approached a supervisor, and reached down and grabbed the supervisor's leg and crotch area, where she claimed she was touched, the report said.

The video shows Price grabbing the supervisor. The supervisor said, "Price suddenly and aggressively grabbed my inner thigh and went up with her hands into my pubic bone."

Reports said the supervisor told Price not to touch her, but Price allegedly said, “You used to be such a (expletive), you deserve it.” called Price but only got voicemail. The station visited her house but no one came to the door.

After the incident, authorities say Price tried leaving the scene and they arrested her. TSA officials say the pat down was conducted according to procedure. Price's next court date is July 3.

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