A Michigan family who vanished from their home nearly a month ago is alive and well, authorities told FoxNews.com.

Timothy Medsker, 33, his wife Sabrina Medsker, 34, and their 4-month old son Joshua, were reported missing from their Petoskey home on Feb. 23, a week after they failed to appear for several appointments.

Petoskey Department of Public Safety Det. David Schultz said Tim Medsker called his sister Wednesday afternoon and said he and his family were fine, but offered no explanation as to why they left their home and did not divulge their whereabouts.

"Timothy and Sabrina are very private people and it seems the media pressure made them come forward," Schultz said early Thursday. "They said that they're fine and that they don't want to have any more communication."

The couple will not face any charges and police now consider the case closed. Although authorities do not know the couple's exact location, they are confident the family is safe, Schultz said.

"Our only job was to assist the family, locate them and check on their well-being," he said.

Medsker's sister, Kelly Manthei, told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Wednesday that her brother was very reliable and never missed appointments. She told ClickonDetroit.com that she contacted authorities immediately after receiving a call from her brother Wednesday afternoon. The family gave no reason as to why the family abruptly left their home without warning, she told the website.

"He does have a different way of thinking than maybe you and I would, so maybe he feels with the economy being as bad as it is, that he needed to leave," she said. "I honestly, I'm not sure." 

Authorities had not believed foul play was involved in the case. 

They believed the family -- which ran a successful commercial cleaning business -- left the area by choice, but left behind sizable amounts of food, toiletries and other everyday items.

"There's nothing in the home that looks like a crime scene," Schultz said early Wednesday. "But something scared them enough to leave in a hurry. It looked like they packed up and left in a hurry."

Schultz said the couple's finances were not believed to be a concern, as their bills were all up to date.

"They had a very successful small business in town cleaning offices and businesses," he said.

The couple worked long hours and was known to be "very private," Schultz said.