New York Woman Makes Mummies for Owners of Deceased Pets

She’s the queen of the vile.

A Brooklyn "sorceress" is the go-to ghoul for grieving pet owners looking to give their lost loved ones eternal life — by making them into mini mummies.

PD Cagliastro of Brooklyn is one of the only macabre mystics in the country slinging animal mummification services based on the ancient Egyptian art. It took her 20 years to figure out the formula by studying embalming, consulting with chemistry students and reading the few scraps of ancient Egyptian texts out there.

"It was a sick fascination," said Cagliastro, who works and lives in her "house of death" with her teenage daughter and husband, an exterminator.

The witchy woman has channeled her services for 120 customers, preserving everything from a championship Connecticut racing pigeon to cats cut short by killer cars.

"There was something really special about him," said Sebastian Duque, 26, a web designer who had his cat, Jake, mummified after it was hit by a car in 2008. His frog, Alice, was also preserved in linen and plaster. Jack is now perched on top of his bookshelf in his Upper East Side apartment, and Alice lives in a drawer.

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