Arizona Attorney General Criticizes New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Gun Sting

Arizona’s attorney general came out guns blazing when he learned that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg authorized a sting operation at a Phoenix gun show.

Attorney General Tom Horne said Bloomberg overstepped his power by not informing authorities in Arizona about the plan to send undercover investigators to gun shows to test how easily a gun can be purchased, MyFoxPhoenix reported.

Horne called the investigation a “public relations stunt,” and went further. In fact, Horne did his own sting, aimed at Bloomberg’s job performance, reminding the mayor, who's still trying to dig his approval ratings out of record amounts of snow, that crime statistics show major crimes have increased the past year in the Big Apple.

A spokesman from Bloomberg’s office did not take the criticism sitting down, and pointed out that New York is the safest big city in the U.S. Hard pressed to miss a parting shot, the spokesman made clear that New York City, at least per capita, appears to be two times safer in major felonies than Phoenix.

Bloomberg has been known to deploy similar stings involving guns across the country.

The sting, which was disclosed Monday, involved investigators hired by New York City to buy semiautomatic pistols after claiming that they probably couldn’t pass a background check, reported MyFoxPhoenix. Two separate sellers apparently sold the investigators 9-mm. guns despite the warning.

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