The U.S. national debt hit $13 trillion today, a stratospheric number with looming implications for every citizen.

With about 309 million people living in the U.S., the average American owns a $42,000 piece of debt — and the 110 million taxpayers owe an even larger chunk per person as the debt grows ever larger.

Below are some figures from the U.S. National Debt Clock, which tracks the red ink every second of every day.


According to the Debt Clock:

Total national debt: $13 trillion
Debt per citizen: $42,026
Debt per taxpayer: $117,982
Total interest due: $1.9 trillion
Interest per citizen: $2,211

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Total personal debt: $16.5 trillion
Total mortgage debt: $14.1 trillion
Total consumer debt: $2.45 trillion
Personal debt per citizen: $53,483
Debt held by foreign countries: $4.07 trillion

The Debt Clock is not run by the U.S. government, but the information it collects comes from a range of government sources, including the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, the Congressional Budget Office, the Office of Management and the Budget, the U.S. Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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